What are the contemporary beauty standards?

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What are the contemporary beauty standards?

Physicalbeauty, a shifting and subjectiveconceptis a crucial stake for many professionals in the cosmetic and beauty industry. A huge stake in a world whereplastic surgery has become accessible to many.

No one can deny that the way we look heavily influences our lives. Most people tend to take very seriously how others see them, and whether their image suits the beauty standards.

Being a good-looking person has undeniable advantages when it comes to job opportunities, professional success and more generally social evolution. The increasing instrumentalization ofthe body is not surprising, since the physical appearance plays such an important role.

It is obvious that the number of cosmetic procedures increases constantly, performed by a wide range of specialists (ophthalmologists, dermatologists or even gynecologists…)

The standards are changing, and nothing lasts for ever. We can all be beautifulin different ways, even if some beauty idealscontinue to prevail.

You should not forget that beauty ideals are mainly created by advertising industries and luxurystandards. It’s aproclaimed, imposed beauty, aiming to create desire and reinforce stereotypes. True beauty is a matter of soul, one that the cosmetic surgery will not artificially create, but emphasizein a natural way.

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