The “EIFFEL TOWER NOSE-LIFT” technique published in the prestigious “PRS Global Open” magazine


The “EIFFEL TOWER NOSE-LIFT” technique published in the prestigious “PRS Global Open” magazine

What do Prague and Paris have in commun ? What if it was the Eiffel Tower? Or the ”Eiffel Tower nose lift”, to be more exact. Medical rhinoplasty is a key technique today. However, we needed to rely on a ”standard”, a solid “modus operandi” that could help us offer our patients effective results and maximum safety.

That’s why I launched the first official nose treatment course in Prague. This training was based on my global medical rhinoplasty concept called: the EIFFEL TOWER NOSE-LIFT®. This was held as part of a global Allergan laboratory symposium, one of the leaders in aesthetic medicine.

The concept consists in 5 sequences, each of them representing one of the Eiffel Tower’s stages: its solid base, its majestic body, its various stages, and its graceful tip ….

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can be extremely effective and easy, provided that the practitioner is experienced, has expert anatomy knowledge and considers several artistic principles.

The demonstration was made with the participation of patients of different nationalities (Asian, African, European) and / or following a secondary rhinoplasty, ranging from an “easy nose” case to a “difficult nose” case.

The idea was to enable all practitioners to offer their patients the best possible care, maximum security and results that live up to their reputation. The priority is always to offer our patients the highest satisfaction.

See PRS GLOBAL OPEN article on natural rhinoplasty by Dr. Raspaldo

Here are some testimonials after the first official rhinoplasty presentation at Allergan Medical International Institute:

– “Hi Hervé, have the team mentioned, excellent teaching material! It will be incredibly exciting to see you live in Prague at our big AMI annual event! Thank you for producing these and sharing them with us. ”
Caroline Van Hove
Senior Vice President, Allergan Medical Aesthetics
International Strategic Marketing & amp; Head of Commercial Excellence ”

– “Herve, what fantastic videos! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to see it live in action, in Prague “.
Courtney Kennedy
Associate Director, International Medical Education ”

– “Watched all the video’s, they are fabulous. 🙂 Congratulations Herve, a real triumph. ”
Mark Chaplin Ph.D
Director International Medical Education

Article written by Mr. Thomas Josse

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