The new cosmetic surgery


The new cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgeons using needles are no longermere “wrinkle hunters”, as one colleague once said.

Today, surgeons have new, highlyevolved perspectives on what a juvenile looktruly means. They inject a whole seriesof products in orderto liftand remodel skinand thus to prevent aging.

Most consultations don’t last more than an hour and recovery times are also fast.

By the age of 50 or 60, most of us loseabout 20% of our facial bones and fat. As a result, our facelookssagging and emaciated.

Unlike more superficial treatments, the new treatments involve injecting hyaluronic acid under the dermal layer, in order to build a supporting tissue in the cheeks, nasolabial folds and, most effectively, the temples’ skin.

Aging temples will visibly ”melt” in time. These complexe changes are reasons enough to approach a face treatmentwith a global, 3-dimensional technique.

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