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As a Face and Neck specialist, one of my passions is to train other doctors in order to contribute to their progress, the dissemination and exchange of knowledge, and to the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

Dr. Simone Doreian, of Melbourne, is a very gifted doctor who I trained in facial injections, and it is with honor that I receive this lovely thank you from her:

“I need to thank you each deeply for your role in my professional life , your little pushes,  and helping me with such passion and beauty , to grow a clinic of my own that has been so well received … you are all woven in this article, far beyond your mentions… 

I owe you all so much. 

Much love always, 



A testimony relayed in this beautiful Australian publication, on page 33:

“Once you start lecturing at conferences, other people tend to ask you to come to theirs and share knowledge and skills. Over the years I have been very lucky to have been invited to launch ranges of fillers in Asia, India, and Australia. I have been involved in education at major events through Australia, NZ, Asia and Europe and I’ve learnt a lot about presenting on stage or in workshops from a handful of plastic surgeons – Ian Carlisle, Hervé Raspaldo, Steven Liew. I’ve discovered that injecting and teaching on stage involves managing camera angles, lighting, the patient, injecting, maintaining audience view whilst keeping up a constant pattern of conversation and tips – a whole new set of skills.”

Read the full australian article.


Doctor Raspaldo, plastic surgery in Geneva

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