Volift Launch – Kiev


Volift Launch – Kiev

Volift Launch – Kiev

Injection technique for facial rejuvenation with Juvéderm Volift in Kiev (Ukraine)
Le Dr Raspaldo – facial plastic surgeon in Cannes launched Juvéderm Volift in Kiev for facial injections and beautification of the face, eyebrows, temples, nose (medical rhinoplasty) cheeks and lips –

300 Cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons attended, even with the crisis in Ukraine.

Birthday cake on podium In Kiev for Juvederm Volift launch

“Dear Herve,
Thank you for coming to Ukraine in such hard time. Everybody is afraid to visit us. Your visit was very important for us. You supported us. You are admired and praised here. And I am proud of you. ”
Magdalyna Al Nagash

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