Is it possible to wake up younger?


Is it possible to wake up younger?

Regenerate the skin during sleep and wake up to a fresh complexion.

This is the number one concern of 60% of women, even before wrinkles; it almost turns to obsession and makes the number of aesthetic procedures go up.

This is to say how fatigue ruins the lives of many people. Twenty years ago, women searched the advice of a practitionerhoping for arejuvenating action. Today, they ask us to make them look more radiant and well-rested. By the age of 30, almost a third of our patients complain about their sad and tired-lookingfaces. Surprisingly, their complexion looks dull even after a good night’s sleep.

The problem is that they often live a hectic life, and when the body has drawn too much energy, it causes several visible symptoms: dull complexion, deep dark circles, sagging skin around theeyes, sagging tissues, contracted muscles – like the lionwrinkles onthe forehead, the mouth folds– and all this makes a person look ten years older.

There’s a real change in the metabolism hiding behind these external signs of skin fatigue.

An exhausted body generates a large amount of wastethat prevents the skin from recovering. When the body is overworked or stressed, not only does the melatoninlevel (powerful antioxidant and universal cell repairer) drop, but thecortisol level (which is a collagendestroyer) goes up. And that’s not all. Glycation, which is responsible for the stiffening of the skinfibers, causing wrinkles,  accelerates. At the same time, the proteasome, the cell scavenger responsible for cleaning the damaged proteins, is overwhelmed.

It’s a very complex process. This is why acting on the skin brightness is not enough, we have to act on all the signs of fatigue and strengthen the cellular regeneration mechanisms that are at work at night.

This is the aim that we will be discussing asa “regeneration” protocol when you come visit us in our clinic.

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