Well-performed Botox injections with a natural effect e way


Well-performed Botox injections with a natural effect

The Botulinum toxin is still intriguing,as much as it is acclaimed.

Botulinum toxin is the most importanttreatment in our clinic, and I witnessed its evolution, starting with the first introduction in France: I was one of the first practitioners researching its effects and contributing to the medical official launch in February 2003, a memorable date.

Did you know that Botulinum toxin is a natural injectable medicine used since 1974?

It was approvedfor the first time in the USA as an anti-aging facial treatment in 2002. Botulinum toxin is indeed a muscle relaxant and thanks to Botulinum toxin injections, we can correct wrinkles occurringbecause of muscle contractions.

Among with other research colleagues, we conducteda survey in order to identify the current practices in France, with the aim of providing recommendations on the different Botulinum toxin treatments for the aging upper-and midface.

The general considerations, the main treatment rules, the injection specifications (dose, areasand techniques), the associated procedures / treatments and the post-operative care were defined for each areaof the face.

According to the participants tothis consensus, the use of Botulinum toxin is a globaltreatment, both preventive and corrective.

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