What is otoplasty ? Are you familiar with this simple treatment for protruding ears ?

recoller les oreilles décollées

Protruding (or prominent) ears can be the cause of an important complex and even impact the self esteem.

It is a more or less noticeable malformation affecting roughly 5% of the population. We often hear : ”He has big ears like his mother”, or “His ears are prominent like those of his grandfather”.

Prominent ears are often caused by genetic factors.

Also known as ”bat ears”, this condition is caused by an abnormal congenital positioning of the ear’s cartilage. There are 3 main anomaly types:

  • An absence of folds in the anthelix (the cartilage inside the outer rim of the external ear)
  • A hypertrophy of the concha (which is the hollow next to the ear canal)
  • Helix valgus (too wide an angle between the pinna and the cranium)

Otoplasty can be performed on adults, teenagers or children above 7 years old (as soon as the ear has reached its full size).

The initial consultation in our clinic in Geneva is essential, because all the procedure and the post-operative care must be explained in detail.

We use a computer imaging technology called ”Morphing” that helps visualizing the desired outcome and understand the different aspects of the ear reshaping.

Otoplasty is performed under local anesthesia (according to the patient’s age and tolerance).

The surgery takes approximately an hour and requires a 12 to 36 hours hospitalization.

Otoplasty is a relatively light surgery, with no risk of affecting your hearing.

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