The reason why fillers are such a success

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The reason why fillers are such a success

Injecting fillers has become one of the most frequent procedures in cosmeticmedicine. While botulinum toxin corrects expression lines, peels smooth the skin and lasers restructure the dermis, injecting hyaluronic acid and other fillers allows the practitioners to reshape the face.

These injections have had quite an evolution, fromthe firstresorbable injectable products like collagen, until the hyaluronic acidthat we use today.

Using low-viscosity hyaluronic acid injections,we can easily correct wrinkles or redefine lip contour.

When thicker fillers started to be used, the purpose became correcting volume lossby injecting in deeper skin layers: hollow temples and cheeks, dark circles under the eye, the lower face slackening, deep folds, hollows caused by the loss of subcutaneous fat, etc …

At this point, a new approach in cosmetic medicine became possible: the face restructuring, which aims to give the face a younger look in a natural way, without exaggerating contours.

Hyaluronic acid has enormous advantages; it’s a fully resorbable, high tolerance product, perfectly integrated in skin tissues, with an immediate and natural effect lasting up to 18 months.

However, the fillers must be high quality products, used with the best adapted technique.

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