Non-surgical procedures

Body treatments and body reshaping

traitement de la silhouette amincissement

We are pleased to present you the body treatments that we developed with Imaderm, the aesthetic medical center in Geneva.

Reducing perspiration with botulinum toxin:
Excessive sweating is no longer something you have to put up with. We use botulinum toxin injections to efficiently reduce underarm sweating. Not only does botulinum toxin help fight the wrinkles, it also has an outstanding anti-sweating action.


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Discover FaceClinic Geneva, a cosmetic surgery practice in Geneva.

Learn more about Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, surgeon specializing in the Face and Neck.

We also offer a large variety of face embellishment treatments: deoxycholic acid injections to treat a double chin, botulinum toxin injections against wrinkles, non-surgical chin reshaping with hyaluronic acid injections, nose reshaping with rhinoplasty, eyelids treatments using blepharoplasty, cheek slimming via bichectomy.

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