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Lipofilling, fat transfer or liposculpture for facial reshaping

Today’s cosmetic surgery offers safe and efficient face treatments. High end procedures like lipofilling can be safely used to reshape the face.

Restoring volumes and reducing wrinkles with facial lipofilling

Lipofilling, also known as the Coleman’s technique, in reference to the surgeon who made this procedure reliable, is an aesthetic treatment for facial reshaping. Lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery consisting in re-injecting a person’s own fat, and aims to fill in irregularities, restore missing volumes and reduce facial wrinkles. It is also called fat grafting, liposculpture or facial fat transfer.

First, a small amount of fat is harvested from an area of the body where it is tightly packed, such as the neck, the abdomen or the knees. The fat particles will then be processed by filtering or centrifuging. This is called lipo-purification or nano-fat.

The fat cells along with other stimulating elements (stem cells) will then be re-injected into the face area to be treated (re-injection of nano-fats).

Lipofilling for treating hollows under the eyes

Lipofilling can be used to reshape the cheeks or the chin, to fill the under-eye hollows, add volume to hollow temples or cheeks, treat facial wrinkles or simply get a stimulating effect with Skin Booster.

Fat grafting is particularly efficient for improving the appearance of the eyes area and treating the under-eyes dark circles. The whole eye area is very fragile and the insufficient fat tissue gives the impression of a tired look. The fat transfer makes it possible to enhance the shallow contours, to remove the dark circles under the eyes, and restore a more youthful and dynamic look.

Procedure and results of the lipofilling

The procedure takes about 1h30, and it is performed under anesthesia, on an outpatient basis. Thanks to the use of ultra-thin cannulas, it will leave no scars. Injecting your own fat cells presents the major advantage of having no rejection risks, it’s a perfectly natural procedure. The results can be seen within 2 weeks, once the edema is completely resorbed, and will be optimal within 2 months.

The lipofilling is a non-invasive solution for getting a global facial rejuvenation.

Fat transfer can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery procedures in Geneva, such as the face lift. It is also possible to inject botulinum toxin in addition to lipofilling, as an overall treatment for facial wrinkles.

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