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Facelift 3 points (mini lift or soft lift) in Geneva, Switzerland

lifting 3 points et mini lift en Suisse

Have you ever heard of the 3-point facelift (soft lift or mini lift)? From the age of 40, you can already see the effects of aging on your facial features. Sagging skin is seen on the lower cheeks, which may sag, as well as on the oval of the face and on the neck. Some wrinkles start to mark the face.

Rejuvenating and beautifying your face with a minimally invasive facelift is now possible with the “3-Point Lift” offered by Face & Neck surgeon Hervé Raspaldo, in Geneva.

The 3-point facelift as cosmetic surgery by Dr Raspaldo in Geneva

The 3-point facelift (also called soft lift, soft lifting or mini lift), is a much less invasive facelift than cervico-facial facelift. It is particularly suitable for the first signs of sagging skin that can be seen from the age of 40.

This mini-lift technique involves making a hidden incision around the earlobe and under the chin. Then tighten the facial muscles using 3 anchor points. It is a durable alternative to injections or notched wires.

The 3-point facelift is THE ideal treatment for sagging lower face problems (lower cheeks, oval, neck). The cosmetic surgeon has, by this mini-lift technique, all the means to make natural and rejuvenated an oval or a faded neck.

The advantages of a soft lifting (soft lift or mini lift)

This soft lift, being minimally invasive, allows very rapid recovery. The result in terms of facial rejuvenation is very visible while being is natural. The principle is more to put the muscles back in tension than to pull on them. This is why the features do not look “pulled” after a mini lift, but simply very rested and much less relaxed.

The 3-point facelift is an outpatient procedure over approximately 2 hours, and social exclusion lasts between 7 and 10 days.

Face lift photos before after

Discover our photo gallery before after a face lift or neck lift in Geneva. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will receive you during a 3-dimensional aesthetic consultation which will allow us to get to know each other, analyze your face and define the most suitable treatment.

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