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Excess fat and skin under the chin is common. You can even have a real crop (or “turkey neck”) in the pronounced forms. The proposal for a head and neck lift is not always suitable or accepted in view of the scars around the ears. This is why a mini neck lift (cervical lift by the anterior approach, under the chin), can be an interesting alternative.

Mini neck lift tightens the skin under the neck and removes excess skin and fat

The neck lift, median anterior cervical lift (or corset lift), eliminates neck deformities like the classic “pelican neck”. It is ideal in the event of a significant slackening of the neck, as well as to correct certain necks which would not be pretty.

In some cases, the cervical mental angle (angle between the neck and the chin) is too open because the neck muscles are inserted too low on a small bone called “hyoid bone”. This gives an angle of the neck too obtuse, open and unsightly.

le lifting du cou pour retendre la peau

The mini neck lift is particularly suitable for young people with an isolated relaxation of the neck, for men who only want to benefit from an improvement of the neck without associated gesture on the face, or for people who have already had a facelift and whose neck relaxed faster than the rest.

How does cosmetic neck surgery take place?

techniques pour un lifting du cou

This plastic surgery of the neck, which lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes, takes place under anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

We will make a small curved incision of 3-4cm located just under the chin, and restore tension to the skin muscles of the neck by making a Corset. This restores the cervical mental angle, tightens the skin under the neck and eliminates excess fat present in the neck.

It is normal to notice swelling and bruising on the first days, which will disappear within two to three weeks after the operation.

A mini neck lift can be completed with liposuction of the neck to remove neck fat, and injections of hyaluronic acid in the cheekbones or chin to plump them up.

You can also combine a neck lift with a chin prosthesis (Genioplasty).

lifting du cou et menton vue de face

chirurgie du cou et du menton vue de profil

WATCH the result before / after 8 days neck surgery in video

3D simulation and morphing before neck lift

During your plastic surgery consultation, a 3D simulation and a morphing of your face are offered. This allows you to analyze your face and neck in depth and define together the elements that we will correct during the neck lift. This is a real aesthetic consultation 2.0 which allows you to benefit from a 3D simulation and morphing before neck lift.

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