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Facial Wrinkle Treatment

Over time, wrinkles tend to settle and mark the face. Who does not dream of being able to erase and remove their wrinkles? In order to regain smoother and rejuvenated skin, we offer solutions for treating facial wrinkles to smooth wrinkles without surgery.

traitement des rides par injections


Treatment of wrinkles in Geneva by injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin injections will relax the muscles of expression responsible for the appearance of the wrinkle. They are used in the treatment of expression lines. Hyaluronic acid injections will help fill in wrinkles and certain areas of the face that lack volume or loose of contour. Combined injections of botulinum toxin and then hyaluronic acid will help erase deep wrinkles and restore volumes.

The different facial wrinkles we can treat

We can treat all areas of your face with botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, or both. Whatever your request about facial wrinkles, we will offer you the best treatment:

  • Injection of forehead wrinkles and temples’ hollow
  • Frowning wrinkle injection
  • Eyebrow injection
  • Injection of wrinkles under the eyes and crow’s feet
  • Under eye puffiness injection
  • Under eye tear trough injection
  • Injection of cheekbones and hollow cheeks
  • Nose injection
  • Injection of lips and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Chin injection

Injections are the ideal solution to erase wrinkles without surgery.

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Aesthetic medicine in Geneva

Wrinkle injections are performed by Doctor Hervé Raspaldo, facial plastic surgeon in Geneva. Learn more about aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery in Geneva.

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3D simulation and morphing before wrinkle treatment

During your plastic surgery consultation, a 3D simulation and a morphing of your face are proposed. This allows us to analyze your face in depth and in detail and to define together the elements that we must be corrected. This is a real aesthetic consultation 2.0 which allows you to benefit from a 3D simulation and morphing before treatment of wrinkles.

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