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Injection of cheekbones and hollow cheeks

Injection of cheekbones and hollow cheeks 

Cheekbones are nurtured by a larger layer of fat. Not fixed and therefore mobile, this layer of fat can gradually sag the cheekbones, notably due to the loosening of the tissues and fat atrophy (lipo-atrophy). That’s when nasolabial folds or marionetteslines appear.

In order to reshape the cheekbones, restore their volume and restore balance to the face, fillers are used like injections of hyaluronic acid in the cheekbones.

The goal will be to reshape and modelthe face.

injections des pommettes et joues creuses

Hyaluronic acid injections in Geneva

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin. It is an important part of skin hydration. Over time, we run out of little hyaluronic acid. We notice at this time several phenomena: the creation of wrinkles, a lack of elasticity and a loss of volume.

The products used by Doctor Raspaldo integrate evenly into the skin. They are based on new generation hyaluronic acid.

Surgeon Dr Raspaldo and his plastic surgery

Plastic surgeon in Geneva, Dr. Raspaldo offers his expertise in plastic surgery and his injections treatments for cheekbones and hollow cheeks. Learn more about Dr. Raspaldo

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WATCH a video on the hyaluronic acid injection into the cheekbones

WATCH a video on the into the nasolabial fold


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