Facial wrinkle treatment in Geneva, Switzerland

Injections in forehead wrinkles

With age, the skin loses its elasticity and expression lines on the forehead appear. By putting too much stress on the muscles responsible for these wrinkles, they are more and more visible. With aesthetic medicine, we can remedy this today.

injections dans les rides du front avec la toxine botulique

Remove forehead wrinkles by injecting botulinum toxin

Today we can treat forehead wrinkles by injecting botulinum toxin. The forehead injections with botulinum toxin will help relax the muscles responsible for these wrinkles. The forehead will thus appear smoother. If the wrinkles on the forehead are really deep, injections of hyaluronic acid in the forehead can be combined. Hyaluronic acid will fill these wrinkles, while the botulinum toxin will act on the muscles. The face will thus appear rejuvenated and less severe. 

Injections of the forehead and injections of the temples

Among the best known forehead injections, the treatment of the lion’s wrinkle is often requested. Besides smoothing the wrinkles on the forehead, we will also be able to work on filling in the hollow temples. Indeed, we will use hyaluronic acid injections to restore volume to the temples. 

In order to rejuvenate the entire frontal and temporal area and to rejuvenate the eyes, we finally offer a global treatment with Chic Lift©.

Another type of plastic surgery intervention in Geneva can be used to erase wrinkles on the forehead: the face lift. Thanks to an endoscopic facelift, we will be able to tighten the whole soft tissue (muscles, fat, fascia, skin) of the forehead and thus smooth the face.

Aesthetic medicine by Doctor Raspaldo

Learn more about Doctor Hervé Raspaldo, plastic surgeon in Geneva. Discover the various aesthetic medicine treatments in Geneva: lip injections, nose injections, injection of wrinkles under the eyes, rhinoplasty by injections, hyaluronic acid injections, botulinum toxin injections. Discover plastic surgery treatments: surgical rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty to remove double eyelids and eyebags, facelift to tighten facial muscles and skin. 

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