Injections of the nasolabial fold and

Nose injections

Nose injections in Geneva

Too small, too flat, too large, the nose can pose certain complexes in men and women. 

Correction of a bump on the nose, a drooping tip of the nose, nostrils too far apart, small wrinkles between the nose and the forehead … To remodel or embellish your nose, you need to use nose and folds injection techniques. The nose will then allow the face to regain a beautiful balance.

Injections of the nose and foldsto remove wrinkles

There are several treatments to remove wrinkles from the nasolabial fold or smile lines. Thesewrinkles are among the most feared signs of aging. Injection of the nose and folds with hyaluronic acid, treatment with LED, lifting care … as many treatment and techniques to correct these wrinkles.

Other wrinkles like bunny lines, are very noticeable wrinkles on the face. The injections of the nose will have an action on the hyperactivity of the muscle responsible for these wrinkles.

Treatment may start at the first discomfort or at the first signs of old age.

injections du nez à Genève

Treatments for nose correction: medical rhinoplasty to correct the nose

Many wonder if it is possible to have your nose redone without surgery?

Natural medical rhinoplasty is an aesthetic intervention with injections of the nose with hyaluronic acid. This treatment corrects the nose. This simpleand resorbable treatment (duration one year) displays results immediately.

The concept of natural rhinoplasty and the Eiffel Tower Nose-Lift®

We have created a simple concept: the Eiffel Tower Nose Lift® concept. Launched by Dr Raspaldo, this medical rhinoplasty treatment by injections consists of proceeding in successive stages, like the different floors of the Eiffel Tower. Based on the creation of a nasolabial angle support and on better designed nose aesthetic units, this technique is very effective and non-invasive for reshaping the nose without surgery.

This non-surgical nose injection rhinoplasty will help reduce asymmetry, reshape the small bump on the nose or improve the tip projection of the nose. The cohesive hyaluronic acid gel will be an important support and will allow injections of the nose, treatment similar to a rhinoplasty surgery. After several years of experience, the Eiffel Tower Nose Lift® concept seems more elegant and reliable

What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a remodeling of the nose in accordance with the ethnicity, the culture and the background of the patient and nose’s shape fashion. It is also used to narrow overly wide nostrils. At the time of the consultation, a 3D aesthetic simulation will be offered allowing the analysis of nose defects and the redefinition of an adapted profile. 

Doctor Raspaldo and plastic surgery in Switzerland

As facial plastic surgeon and aesthetic medicine physician in Geneva, Doctor Raspaldo, offers plastic surgery and nose injections, including hyaluronic acid injections and botulinum toxin injections. Learn more about Doctor Raspaldo.

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