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Botulinum toxin injections in Geneva

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Facial wrinkles occur when we make repeated facial expression involving muscle contraction. With age, these wrinkles deepen, particularly forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. Type A botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin produced by a bacteria and works by blocking nerve pulses. Evidence provided by scientific studies has confirmed the safety and efficacy of type A botulinum toxin, when isolated and purified in controlled conditions, for use in aesthetic medicine.

How acts botulinum toxin?

Very low doses of the product are injected directly into the muscle, so natural expression is maintained.
The injection technique requires precision, skill and expert knowledge of muscular balance. The practitioner administers several tiny injections into the skin or muscles of the area to be treated with a very fine needle. Slight pain on injection and occasionally bruising, tenderness or redness may be experienced, but will rapidly subside.
The results of the procedure will be visible in the days following the injection and should reach maximum effect 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment. These results will last for between 4 and 6 months.
The results obtained by botulinum toxin make it a precious weapon in the battle against aging. It helps regain a youthful, fresh and radiant appearance, without losing natural expression or resorting to surgery. It can benefit both men and women, as soon as the first signs of aging appear.

Botulinum toxin: the procedure to erase wrinkles

The procedures take place at FaceClinic Geneva of Dr Raspaldo.

Local anesthesia or preparatory creams (type EMLA) are not needed.

The botulinum toxin injections performed by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo are painless, because he uses micro-needles (similar to the ones used for babies) and a natural serum that goes unnoticed during the injection, but also because he has one of the largest international experiences in anti-wrinkle injection techniques.

A botulinum toxin injection procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes.


Botulinum toxin is for anyone, male or female, wanting to reduce wrinkles, keeping a natural expression. botulinum toxin injections can be started as soon as the first expression lines appear (from the age of 18 to 65).
Dr. Herve Raspaldo practices botulinum toxin injections in Geneva.


The contraindications to an injection of botulinum toxin (botulinum toxin) are mainly: pregnancy, breastfeeding, and neuromuscular diseases (myasthenia type).

Face areas treated with botulinum toxin injections:

Expression wrinkles:
Expression lines can mark different areas of a face.

Crow’s feet wrinkles:
A botulinum toxin injection in the orbicularis muscle of the eyelids is very effective against eye wrinkles and crow’s feet and can enlighten the eye area.

Lion’s wrinkle:
A botulinum toxin injection in the glabellar lines area is used as a treatment against forehead lines, lion’ wrinkle, since the botulinum toxin works directly on the corrugator and procerus muscles.

What happens after the treatment:
You can go back to your usual social life immediately.
No massages after the botulinum toxin treatment: 8 hours
No sauna after the botulinum toxin treatment: 12 hours

No exercising after the botulinum toxin treatment: 24 hours
You can lean forward after a botulinum toxin treatment
(Moderate) alcohol consumption is authorized after the botulinum toxin treatment

Results of the botulinum toxin treatment:

First noticeable results: 3 days after receiving the treatment
Complete treatment results (disappearing wrinkles): between 10 and 15 days after the botulinum toxin treatment

Botulinum toxin treatment effects last for 4 to 6 months.

The result is always naturally looking, since the botulinum toxin works on relaxing the muscles with no incidence on the natural facial expressions’ harmony.

In case of deep or severe wrinkles, a botulinum toxin treatment will improve the wrinkles’ aspect but not erase them completely. A hyaluronic acid injection can be used as a additional treatment to fill the wrinkles, especially on lion’s wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet lines. More information on: the hyaluronic acid injection.

Preserving the long term results

Repeating the botulinum toxin treatment regularly helps preserving the results. A new botulinum toxin treatment is recommended every 4 months for the crow’s feet lines and every 6 to 8 months for the lion’s wrinkle.

Formal contraindications for botulinum toxin treatment (botulinum toxin) essentially concern the neuromuscular diseases (of myasthenia type), pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Testimonies of some of our patients:

“My sweat is reduced under my armpits thanks to the Botox that I do regularly. I did not know at all the use of this product for perspiration and looking on the net I came across Dr. Raspaldo’s website. It’s been years since my excessive sweating embarrasses me and there, I can finally feel less embarrassed “- Alain, 47 years old

“I’m 32 years old and despite my young age, I had wrinkles around my eyes too marked for my taste. Well I did not know that crow’s feet could be erased thanks to Botox! – Christelle, 32 years old

Testimonies of some doctors I trained:
“Great anatomical lecture de Raspaldo to help for sage Botox injections” – Professor from King of Saudi Arabia
“I particularly enjoyed your way to define the best injection points for Botox , Dr Raspaldo” – Doctor dermatologist from Russia
 “Top masterclass for facial injection , with special mention to the Botox injection tips and tricks”  – Aesthetic physician from Australia

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