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Ethnic rhinoplasty for nose reshaping

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a nose surgery technique aiming to improve the appearance of the nose for patients of non-Caucasian descent, like African, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Indian patients. It involves a better understanding of the anatomical specificities, for an optimal nose reshaping.

Ethnic rhinoplasty for nose correction according to different specificities

Understanding the physical and cultural specificities and the beauty standards of each patient is essential, this allows us to adapt to the patient’s needs according to their origins and cultural environment.

Arab noses for example are relatively large, with a slight bump, a long tip and a thick skin. A historical explanation may be the original dry climate, which led the nose to adapt and allow a better humidification of the blood vessels. African noses are rather wide and short, more adapted to  humid climates.

Ethnic rhinoplasty allows us to reshape the nose according to its specific shape.

Ethnic rhinoplasty techniques

We developed a specific technique for the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure, which was published several years ago by the French Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. This technique is ideal when aiming to correct a very wide, flared nose, with large nostrils.

In this case, the procedure is called nostril plasty and seeks to reduce the excessively wide nostrils.

It’s a perfectly safe surgical procedure, the incision is made so that the nostril repositioning remains possible at any time.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a nose surgery where a small part of the nasal septum cartilage (or from the ear and conch, if necessary) will be harvested and used to reshape the nose.

Photo before / after the rhinoplasty:

rhinoplastie ethnique nez afro antillais

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