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Radiofrequency in Geneva

With age, our body’s natural levels of collagen and elastin decline and wrinkles appear.
Thanks to the development of next-generation devices, radiofrequency is a completely safe procedure that is used for treating mild skin sagging (facial contours, cheeks, eyelids and loose neck skin). The technique involves transmitting radiofrequency wavelengths through the skin to produce deep heat and stimulate the production of new collagen, which in turn works on tightening skin. Short-term results are immediately visible following the procedure; with skin looking instantly tightened, more defined facial contours and diminished wrinkles.
Stimulated fibroblasts continue producing new collagen, strengthening skin tone in the long-term.
During these sessions, patients may experience a little redness and feel bearable levels of heat in the treated areas, which will gradually subside. Depending on the areas to be treated, a course of 3 to 5 sessions with 2 to 3-week intervals is recommended, followed by a top-up session every six months.

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