Botulinum toxin against spasms

toxine botulique en injections pour les spasmes

Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant. It allows to have such an effective action on wrinkles since the facial muscles will not remain permanently contracted, and wrinkles will not be visible anymore.

Originally, before aesthetic indications on dynamic wrinkles, botulinum toxin was only used to treat neurological, ophthalmological and oto-rhino-laryngological disorders. In this video, our patient suffers from involuntary spasms of the eye and her hemiface. We practice injections of botulinum toxin at the corner of the eye to relax the orbicularis muscle, injections into the frontalis muscle, and injections into the zygomatic muscle and orbicularis ori muscle above the upper lip.

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Video mad by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgeon in Geneva.

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