Chic Lift injections for eye rejuvenation

vidéo injection acide hyaluronique regard

We perform a live demonstration of injections during the TAMC congress of Dubrovnik.
We present the concept of eye rejuvenation, named Chic Lift®, which recreates a beautiful “C” shape around the eyes. This rejuvenation includes the area of the temples, eyebrows, cheekbones and the tear trough.
To do this, we first define the injection points and the work to be done on each zone:
1- we will use a volumizing hyaluronic acid to recreate a beautiful projection on the cheekbones and give them convexity
2- We will inject this same volumizing product in the temple too. The goal is to give the illusion of a thiner and more triangular face.
3- we will use a light hyaluronic acid for the tear trough.
4- we will also reshape the eyebrows by injections.

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