Hyaluronic acid injections for chin implant and 3D simulation

injection d'acide hyaluronique volux dans le menton

VECTRA or CRISALIX 3D simulation for aesthetic surgery and chin implant with hyaluronic acid

Our patients can experiment a consultation with 3-dimensional photo using the 3D Sculptor software (VECRA or CRISALIX). That can predict potential results and to be closer to patients’ needs. It will also make it possible to visualize the real results by a comparison before / after.

We can clearly appreciate in this video the chin projection , using a simple injection of hyaluronic acid, at Face Clinic Genève. We used a new special hyaluronic acid, thicker than the usual hyaluronic acids, to achieve a soft chin implant, using no surgery but only a needle.

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Video made by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgery in Geneva.

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