Hyaluronic acid to correct nose and chin – Interview

acide hyaluronique pour corriger nez et menton
Dr. Raspaldo, surgeon dedicated to Face et Neck in Geneva, has been interviewed by “Anti-Age Magazine” in his clinic, in the center of Geneva.
With the contribution of two patients, we present the essential points to reshape the oval of the face: a well drawn nose, a projected chin, a reduction of the masseter muscles and a reduction of the fat under the neck (thanks to Belkyra).
Thanks to the injections of hyaluronic acid, you do not have to go through a heavy surgery to obtain a natural and immediate result.
Our 1st patient complains about the shape of his chin, our 2nd patient complains about her nose. We first make a 3D simulation to analyze the features, define the best treatment and visualize the result.
1- Projection of the chin by injection of hyaluronic acid:
Volumizing hyaluronic acid is injected into the chin to project it, allowing it to be straightened and to make the underside of the chin thiner.
2- Correction of the nose hump, projection of the tip and correction of the asymmetry:
Hyaluronic acid is injected into the naso-frontal angle in order to fill it and give the illusion of a diminished hump. We inject into the tip of the nose and the naso-labial angle to straighten it, project it and give a nice support to the nose.
Finally, we correct the asymmetry of the nose by injecting into the axis to restore a nice balance.

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