Injection in the nasolabial angle for medical rhinoplasty (part.2)

rhinoplastie medicale et injection de l'angle nasolabial

We start the medical rhinoplasty procedure with an injection in the nasolabial angle in order to have a nice projection of the nasal tip and to have less product to inject to hide the dorsal bump. Injection needs to be very slow and gentle in order to anesthetize immediately the area to be treated. The anesthesia product is named Lidocaine. It is incorparted into the hyaluronic acid gel. That really helps to have pain-free injections. under the columella We use the same injection entry point at the nasolabial angle because that area is already numbed thanks to the Lidocaine. We inject higher, towards the columella, to project the tip of the patient’s nose. We now have a nice open nasolabial nose, characteristic of a perfect shape and an elegant nose.

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