Surgical malar implant to enhance projection of cheekbones

chirurgie des pommettes pour augmenter le volume

You find your cheekbones too flat and your face lacks relief? It is possible to increase the volume of the cheekbones by cosmetic surgery. 

Have a look at a live video recorded operation of aesthetic surgery of malar implant. By placing a soft silicone implants, deeply under muscles, on top the cheekbone, we obtain a higher relief and a lazy curve for flat cheekbones. We get an harmonious triangular face, like “heart shape face” or “HeArt of face®”.

There are other non-surgical alternatives to increase cheekbones: lipofilling (macro fat grafting, nanofat) or hyaluronic acid injection into the cheekbones.

In order to appreciate the potential results of your operation, we offer our patients a 3-dimensional photo consultation, thanks to the VECTRA 3D Sculptor software ( on PC) and CRISALIX (on mobile iPad). This allows to be closer to expectations by understanding and visualizing the request. And thus be able to visualize the potential results by a comparison before / after.

Discover the aesthetic consultation in 3 dimensions.

Video mad by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgeon in Geneva.

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