Surgical procedure for endoscopic facelift

vidéo d'un lifting endoscopique pour retendre la peau

After years, facial skin and muscles tend to lose their elasticity. Wrinkles appear: dynamic wrinkles on forehead, glabella and crows feet. Sagging of soft tissue: drooping eyebrows, midface fat pads, cheeks, and neck drooping.

So many signs of ageing that we can correct elegantly and softly with a minimal invasive surgery.
One the best new surgical option is: the endoscopic browlift.

In this video, we explain where are incisions (very discrete behind tragus and hidden in the hair follicules), and which instruments we use.
Endoscopic browlift is a great evolution of technology : a mini video-camera and specific endoscopic facelift instruments allow precise and sure dissection and facial muscle corrections.
The endoscopic facelift will pool up the dynamic muscles, smooth the wrinkles of the forehead and around the eyes, raise the eyebrows, and retighten the entire skin of the face and neck.

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