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Treatment of eye pouches

Treatment of eye pouches, tear trough and dark circles in Geneva

Eye pouches appear with age, fatigue, or an unhealthy lifestyle.

There are indeed different types of eye pouches. This will often dull the look and yet it is possible to reduce or remove pouches under the eyes, wrinkles and fine lines. The most modern techniques are effective and make it possible to rejuvenate the gaze.

Traitement des poches sous les yeux

Eye pouches and dark circles surgery to remove tear trough under the eyes

Fighting against pouches under the eyes and finding a beautiful gaze is possible nowadays thanks to different treatments:

– The injections of the pouches under the eyes by hyaluronic acid injection or fat will reduce or remove the pouches under the eyes and fill and mask the hollows.
– Blepharoplasty, also called eyelid surgery, which is more substantial, makes it possible to permanently correct pouches under the eyes.
– Peeling will allow the skin to renew and gain luminosity although the colouring will remain difficult to remove.
– PRP can also help reduce dark circles.

Be aware that it is not possible to correct everything regarding pouches under the eyes and dark circles. Doctor Raspaldo can respond to your requests and questions during a consultation where a 3-dimensional diagnosis will be carried out. This will allow you to have a real simulation of the expected result.

3D simulation and morphing to treat pouches under the eyes

During your plastic surgery consultation, a 3D simulation and a morphing of your face are offered. This allows you to analyze your face in depth and in detail and to define together the elements that we will correct during your treatment of pouches under the eyes. This is a real aesthetic consultation 2.0 which allows you to benefit from a 3D simulation and morphing before injection of the pouches under the eyes.

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