Facial Wrinkle Treatment in Geneva

Chin injections

Chin injections in Geneva of deoxycholic acid injections

With age, certain parts of the body change, including the neck and chin which accumulate fat: having a double chin and a fatty neck or other annoying elements that injections of the chin can correct.

Eliminate double chin without liposuction via injections

It is now possible to fight against the double chin without surgery and against chin and neck fat, thanks to deoxycholic acid injections.

This product will dissolve the fat (1 to 3 sessions): the fat cells will therefore be destroyed. This treatment will allow you to slim your neck without surgery and without liposuction.

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injection du menton à Genève

Chin injections without surgery thanks to hyaluronic acid injections

Conversely, the chin may lack shape or volume and sometimes it must be resculpted.

Thick hyaluronic acid injections in the chin is a new treatment that adds volume to the chin without surgery. It is an injectable hyaluronic acid that is thicker than conventional hyaluronic acid and will harden after the injection.
These hyaluronic acid injections make it possible, among other things, to avoid an implant in the chin based solely on the treatment which consists in resculpting it naturally: medical profiloplasty.

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Neck lifting

To tighten the skin of the neck, if the skin of your neck is too wrinkled or too distended, and to avoid an excess of fat or skin, the mini neck lifting will be the solution and will allow to find a balance at the bottom of the face.

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The plastic surgery of Dr Raspaldo

Doctor Raspaldo, plastic surgeon in Geneva for more than 27 years, offers plastic surgery and chin injections including injections of hyaluronic acid and injections of deoxycholic acid. Learn more about Doctor Raspaldo.

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