Facial wrinkle treatment in Geneva, Switzerland

Frown lines injections

Do you see a wrinkle appear between the eyebrows that no longer disappears? It is an expression wrinkle, commonly known as frown lines or “lion’s wrinkles”.

Erasing the frown linesthrough aesthetic medicine

injection toxine botulique ride du lion

The frown linesare the wrinkles between the eyebrows that appears when you frown. Over time, by dint of frowning, the muscles responsible for this wrinkle (corrugator and procerus muscles) remain contracted. The wrinkle then becomes more visibleand more marked. With age, the skin also loses its elasticity, which further strengthens this wrinkle. Fortunately, with current aesthetic medicine treatments, it is possible to act to erase and remove the frown lines.

Botulinum toxin injections in the frown lines

Botulinum toxin and its muscle relaxant properties were originally used to treat strabismus in children. Applications in aesthetic medicine were quickly identified and exploited to smooth expression lines. Injected into the frown lines, the botulinum toxin will relax the muscles responsible for its appearance. If the wrinkle is deep, we will be able to complete the treatment by injecting hyaluronic acid into the lion’s wrinkle. Hyaluronic acid will act as a dermal filler in the wrinkle. 

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Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery in Geneva

 Facial plastic surgeon in Geneva, Doctor Hervé Raspaldo is a specialist in head and neck surgery. He offers different facial treatments, both aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

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Discover the different aesthetic medicine treatments: lip injections, nose injections, injection of wrinkles under the eyes, treatment of bags and tear trough under the eyes, natural medical rhinoplasty, etc. For plastic surgery, you can take advantage of his expertise for a surgical rhinoplasty, a blepharoplasty to remove double eyelids, a genioplasty of the chin (chin implant), a lipofilling (fat grafting, nano-fat) or furthermore a facelift to tighten the skin fat and muscles of the face and the neck. 

3D simulation and morphing to treat the frown lines

During your plastic surgery consultation, a 3D simulation and a morphing of your face are offered. This allows you to analyze your face in depth and in detail and to define together the elements that we will correct during your treatment of the frown lines. This is a real cosmetic consultation 2.0 which allows you to benefit from a 3D simulation and morphing to treat the frown lines

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