Facial Wrinkle Treatment in Geneva, Switzerland

Wrinkle injections under the eyes

Wrinkles under the eyes tend to appear quickly because the skin is very thin. The skin around the eyes is sensitive, exposed to muscle contractions as well as UV. It is therefore important to protect it. However when wrinkles are installed and marked, the most effective solution remains aesthetic medicine to remove wrinkles around the eyes.

injection des rides sous les yeux et de la patte d'oie

Erase wrinkles under the eyes thanks to injections

Wrinkles and fine lines appear over time because the collagen in the skin decreases. Wrinkles around the eyes give a tired look and age your look. There are cosmetic medicine solutions to erase wrinkles from the eyes without surgery. Hyaluronic acid injections under the eyes will help fill and plump the deepest wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin injections in crow’s feet wrinkles

When we talk about wrinkles around the eyes, we also think of crow’s feet wrinkles that appear on the side of the eyes. They can be treated with injections of botulinum toxin into crow’s feet wrinkles. Indeed, crow’s feet wrinkles are expression wrinkles due to muscle contractions. The botulinum toxin will act to relax the muscles responsible for these wrinkles. We will thus find a smooth and rejuvenated look. The effects last between 3 and 6 months.  

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Watch a Chic Lift® injection video

Eye wrinkle injections are not painful because we use the CoolSense process, which cold anesthetizes the injection area.   

Eye rejuvenation by Chic Lift® 

Doctor Raspaldo, specialist in facial plastic surgery in Geneva, Switzerland, developed the concept of the Chic Lift®. It is an aesthetic concept of rejuvenation and beautification of the gaze by injections. This peri-ocular treatment is based on combined injections of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and volumizing products. 

The goal is to work the curve and the areas around the eyes, eyebrows, temples, eyelids and cheekbones.

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3D simulation and morphing to treat wrinkles under the eyes 

During your plastic surgery consultation, a 3D simulation and a morphing of your face are proposed. This allows us to analyze your face depth and in detail and to define together the elements that we will correct during your treatment of the lion’s wrinkle and more. This is a real cosmetic consultation 2.0 which allows you to benefit from a 3D simulation and morphing to treat the lion’s wrinkle

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