Prime Magazine – Guest Editorial – Hervé Raspaldo

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Prime Magazine – Guest Editorial – Hervé Raspaldo

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE FOR AESTHETIC AROUND THE WORLD IS to creat a universal language of beauty.

The pace of technical development is stable enough to provide materials and devices to create new templates for modern aesthetic and face sculpting, which is particulary useful for the new artistic advanced approach of facial beautification.
As an international key opinion leader, I feel safe and effective using the new generation of hyaluronic acids around the eyes, in the lips end the nose.
There are lot of good products available on the market. My experience is mainly based on the use of Juvéderm® VOLBELLA® and VOLIFT®, developed after the success of VOLUMA® (using the same VYCROSS® technology). The results one can achieve are effective, natural, safe, and have a minimal downtime. All this only serves to increase patient satisfaction.
The level of sugical skills-such as rhinoplasty, facelift, and blepharoplasty-enable the modern practioner to operate new protocols in a completely new way ; fulfilling the expectations of patients on a global scale.
In fact, this is the most crucial part for the industry’s development : the expectations of our patients have changed completely. The modern language of beauty is more unified.
I have had the chance and priviliege to be in touch with and to learn from a number of different cultures, and find that the influence of Asia-Pacific is continually growing.
Despite this, patients from China, Japan, India, Australia, America, Europe, the Middle East and South Afica seem to look for the same template with regard to design (from surgical perspective). However, notwithstanding their inherited deffirences in bone and tissue structure, the result is always very natural.
Hervé Raspaldo
Facial Plastic Surgeon, France

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